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State v. Mr. C (DMC No. 14920) – Felony Benefits Fraud – Not Charged – Social Security Administration Investigated:  Mr. C had secured two different Social Security numbers and had been receiving benefits from Social Security which were duplicating under the two different identities.  We were able to put together a letter and speak with the Investigating Agent to show that somewhere along the line there had been a confusion or Scribner’s error regarding Mr. C’s Social Security number.  We negotiated the repayment of any overages that may have been paid, and the Investigator agreed that once the problem was fixed, that this took care of the incident.  No charges were ever brought against Mr. C.

State v. Ms. O (DMC No. 14836) – Felony Money Laundering ($25,000) and Felony Conspiracy – Not Charged Due to Cooperation and Testimonial Agreement – Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and Arizona Attorney’s Office Investigated.  Ms. O had befriended a man by the name of Francis and had begun dating him.  While she was dating him, he always had money but was unemployed.  He claimed he was a refrigeration repairman.  However, his house always smelled of marijuana and many people were coming in and out of the residence.

He would ask her to constantly deposit cash into a bank account which she opened.  That account was initially shut down at the first bank because it was “a risk to the institution.”  She then opened a second account at another bank and began depositing money into that bank account.  She began observing her boyfriend packaging marijuana in five-gallon paint buckets, and he would ask her to go to the PO Box in order to ship the packages.  He was eventually arrested and the police contacted her about potential Money Laundering in regard to the bank deposits.  She then retained our services, and we then became involved.

We contacted the Pinal Count Sheriff’s Office and the Arizona Attorney General’s office in order to negotiate a “Cooperation Deal.”  Due to Ms. O’s cooperation, she was never charged with any crimes.  Her ex-boyfriend was ultimately charged with multiple counts of Transportation of Marijuana and Conspiracy, along with multiple co-defendants.  If Ms. O was also convicted (as was her boyfriend) she would have gone to prison as well.

State v. Mr. X (DMC No. 15553) – Felony Wire Fraud ($710,290) and Felony Embezzlement – Not Charged Due to Cooperation and Co-Defendant Conviction – United States Attorneys Office, District of Arizona and FBI Investigated). Mr. X owned a company that sold large shipping containers, electronic control panel systems, and other types of business equipment. Mr. X had an employee who was locating the same types of equipment on the internet and purchasing them for lower prices. This employee then engaged in a Fraudulent Scheme whereby he would have Mr. X’s company pay the full price of what piece of equipment would normally be, and then he would simply purchase it for less on the Internet. The employee would then fulfill the order to the end-user, while also diverting new equipment manufactured by Mr. X to be sold separately.
There were 43 such transactions and the FBI became involved. They had issued a “Target Letter” to Mr. X indicating that the US Attorney was involved and that Mr. X may need to hire an attorney. When we spoke with the FBI agents and the Assistant US Attorney, we were able to show them that Mr. X had no knowledge of his former employee’s Fraudulent Scheme. The former employee was ultimately charged and sentenced to 30 months in prison. Specifically, in his plea agreement, it indicated that Mr. X had no knowledge, nor did his company, of the underlying scheme being perpetrated by the employee. Originally, Mr. X could have also gone to prison if we were not able to keep him from being indicted. He has no criminal record whatsoever.

State v. Mr. K (DMC N. 11324) – Insurance and Medical Billing Fraud – Vacated Suspension of Physical Therapy License at Board Hearing – Arizona Board of Physical Therapy (Complaint No. 12-41):  Mr. K worked as a physical therapist and had submitted various medical bills to assisted healthcare services.  It was alleged that he billed for some services that he did not actually perform.  Once we were involved in the case, we were able to show that his billing practices may have fallen below the standard of ethics, but they were not criminal in nature.  This was true, even though they were claiming he had falsified his records.

We were able to get the case dismissed with an agreement to probation.  As a condition of probation, Mr. K was required to do classes in continuing education, along with monitoring of his billing submissions.  After one year, the probation was lifted and his license was unencumbered.  He was allowed to maintain his livelihood throughout the entire course of his probation.

State v. Mr. R (DMC No. 15442) – Felony Sexual Assault Allegations – Dismissed at Title 9 Hearing as Unsubstantiated – Grand Canyon University investigated:  Mr. R had a prior sexual relationship with another female student which lasted a few months.  Several months later, they were hanging out as friends in her dorm room (in violation of GCU’s Code of Conduct).  They began to kiss and he was touching her over her clothes.  She asked him to stop, and he did so immediately.

Several weeks later, the alleged victim stated to him that she had been sexually assaulted before, and that she felt his actions (several weeks prior) were too aggressive.  Later, she reports the issue to Grand Canyon University and asked that Mr. R not be in her classes.  We were then hired to handle the Title IX investigation defense.  We then got in contact with the investigators for GCU and came up with a plan that would allow Mr. R to remain in classes.  The plan involved him not being the same dorm room as the alleged victim, his schedule was changed so he would not have classes with the alleged victim, and resources were provided to him regarding sexual harassment education.  Due to the successful resolution with TCU authorities, the police were never involved in the case.

State v. Mr. Z (DMC No. 15853) – Sexual Abuse Allegations – Dismissed at Title 9 Hearing – Arizona State University (Case No. 12XXXXXX93):  Mr. Z was a student at Arizona State University who had been treated for schizophrenia.  He was on various types of medication that would sometimes combine and result in inappropriate actions to be undertaken by Mr. Z.  To complicate matters, the actions would become even worse if he went off the medications cold turkey.  On the date of the incident, Mr. Z thought he heard people and voices in a neighboring dorm room.  He went inside the dorm and stood inside the closet, and was discovered by two female students as he was standing there naked.  He was ultimately arrested for indecent exposure.

We were able to have the criminal charges dismissed due to Mr. Z’s condition.  However, the school issued an immediate suspension and set the case to a Title IX Hearing.  Once we appeared and presented all the evidence regarding Mr. Z’s underlying mental health issues, the school dismissed the charges against him.  Once he was treated and his condition was regulated, he was allowed to resume classes at Arizona State University.

April 19, 2021

State v. Mr. S (DM 15875) – Felony Sexual Battery – Dismissed – Fugitive of Justice Warrant – Maricopa County Superior Court (Case No. CR2019-003424):  Mr. S had been convicted in Florida of Sexual Battery and had spent six years in prison and was then placed on 15 years of probation.  Through a program known as Interstate Compact, he requested to move to Arizona.  Upon being given permissions to travel to Arizona to register for Interstate Compact, he cut off his ankle monitor and left Florida.  When he got to Arizona, he did not immediately contact the Probation Officer to register for probation.

When he finally got around to going in to sign up for probation in Arizona, he was arrested for a Fugitive of Justice warrant outside of Florida.  We were able to explain the situation that he had just been late in getting to the Arizona office to register, and he was not seeking to flee Florida at all.  We also explained he truly believed he needed to remove his ankle monitor before he traveled to Arizona.  Ultimately, the Fugitive of Justice warrant was dismissed, and Mr. S was allowed to register for probation in the State of Arizona.

State v. Mr. N (DMC 15585) – (1 Count) Felony Luring a Minor for Sexual Exploitation, (3 Counts) Felony Sexual Conduct with a Minor, and (2 Counts) Felony Sexual Abuse – Bond Reduced From $100,000 Cash to $7,500 paid to Bail Bond Company – Maricopa County Superior Court (Case No. PF2019-107303).


State v. Mr. C (DMC 15410) – Animal Abuse – Reduced to 5 Days in Jail – Phoenix City Court (Case No. 5306674):  Mr. C was seen by people pulling his SUV over on the side of the road, retrieving a cat from the passenger side door, and throwing it over a fence.  The cat the scrambled off and hid underneath a car and was almost struck by Mr. C as he left the scene.  The witnesses then took the cat to the Humane Society and had it nursed back to health at a cost of almost $900.  Mr. C was ultimately tracked down and charged with Animal Cruelty.  We were able to present evidence that the cat dug his claws into Mr. C’s arms while he was attempting to remove it from the car, and that it then ran away after he flailed his arms due to the pain.  He had not abandoned the cat, nor had he tried to harm the cat.  Because of the strength of the witness’s testimony, the State was seeking a significant amount of jail time.  Although he was facing up to six months in jail, we were able to reduce the ultimately sentence to only five days.

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