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State v. Mr. S. (DMC No. 1157) (Pima County Superior Court No. CR0143582): Mr. S. has been involved in drugs and various other unhealthy activities which led him and his girlfriend to be arrested and convicted for robbing a convenience store. Because of Mr. S.’s prior criminal convictions, he was sentenced to 35 years to life in prison. Although he had already spent 17 years in prison when we received the case, we were able to show that his trial counsel had a conflict of interest when representing both Mr. Smith and his girlfriend. The Court agreed, and his conviction was reversed. The State chose not to re-try Mr. S., and he did not return to prison (saving him from another 18 years to life in prison).

For more information on appealing a conviction in Arizona, please call our office at (602) 307-0808.

CONVICTION REVERSED | SEXUAL CONDUCT WITH A MINOR – State v. Mr. C. (DMC No. 9441) (Pima County Superior Court No. CR2007-2716): Mr. C. had been accused of molesting his step-granddaughter (who was adopted). He used a Court-appointed attorney and was convicted and sentenced to 13 years in prison. We were able to show that the prosecutor had improperly struck jurors who were similar to Mr. C. (i.e., older white males), in violation of Batson v. Kentucky, and the Court of Appeals reversed his conviction. When the case came back, we were able to point the multitude of flaws in the State’s evidence, and the prosecution decided not to re-try Mr. C. Although he had spent 20 months in jail, this was far short of the 13 year conviction he had previously received.

To learn more about the penalties in Arizona for Sexual Misconduct with a Minor or to speak with an Arizona Appeals Lawyer, please call our office at (602) 307-0808.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT (class 4 felony) REDUCED to class 6 open/Misdemeanor designated with PROBATION and 60 DAYS in JAIL – State v. Mr. B. (DMC No. 10671) (Pima County Superior Court CR2012-0933): Mr. B. and his fiancé had both been drinking heavily when they engaged each other in an argument.  Mr. B. was alleged to have choked his fiancé to the point of unconsciousness and struck her in the face which, required medical treatment.  He was ultimately arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault.  We were able to present mitigation into evidence to the Prosecutor in court showing that Mr. B. had been under psychiatric care and had recently attempted suicide.  We also showed them that he was now under medication and in ongoing treatment.  The charge was reduced down to a class 6 “open” which became a misdemeanor at the conclusion of probation.  As part of probation, Mr. B. received 60 days in jail.  He was originally facing up to 3.75 years in prison.

JAIL SENTENCE DEFERRED (60 days jail) | SOLICITATION TO POSSESS DANGEROUS DRUGS – State v. Ms. L. (DMC No. 4336) (Maricopa County Superior Court CR2003-016182): Ms. L. was convicted of solicitation to possess dangerous drugs and sentenced to 2 years of probation. Her probation had been moved down to Pima County and she then hired us to delete a 60 day “deferred” jail term. Although she had several probation violations, we were able to bring her into compliance and have the jail term “deleted”.

RESTORED | CIVIL RIGHTS – State v. Mrs. S. (DMC No. 9988) (Pima County Superior Court No. CR2005-2875): Some years earlier, Ms. S. plead guilty to 1 count of Disorderly Conduct, class 6 undesignated felony.  An application was filed in order to have her Conviction of Guilt Set Aside, Designate her case to a Misdemeanor, and have her civil rights restored.  Due to the fact that a gun was involved in the underlying case, the judge refused to set aside her conviction at the time.  However, her Civil Rights were Restored and she is now allowed to vote and her record reflects only a misdemeanor conviction.

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