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Highland Justice Court

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The Highland Justice Court deals with misdemeanor crimes and DUI cases. A ticket telling you to go to this court means that you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a DUI and you’ve been arrested by the Department of Public Safety or the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. City cops arresting you will send you to a city court.

David Cantor reviews the Highland Justice Court and presiding Judge Steven Urie:

The boundaries of jurisdiction for Highland Justice Court are Baseline Road to the North, Queen Creek road to the South, Power Road to the East, and Price Road to the West. The actual boundaries are not a perfect square. It is a rather odd shape. In the event that you cited to go to that court, give DM Cantor a call because you may have been cited outside of the right jurisdiction. Using jurisdiction as your defense, you may be able to get the whole case thrown out.

Highland Justice Court is located at 55 E Civic Center Dr. Gilbert, AZ 85296. It is easy to spot. Park out front where free parking is available and dress appropriately for court. No sunglasses, hats, tank tops, etc. The judge for this court is Judge Steven Urie. This judge is known to lecture every single individual who comes before him even before they have been convicted. He is not a judge to appear before without a lawyer.

It is wise to call DM Cantor if you have been told to go to the Highland court. We will provide a free initial consultation in our offices. This consultation takes about 30 minutes and the whole case is reviewed. Our offices are available 24 hours a day by calling (602) 307-0808 or by sending us an email.


Highland Justice Court
55 E Civic Center Dr.
Gilbert, AZ     85296



Steven Urie


Phone Numbers:

Phone: (602) 372-8300
Fax: (602) 372-8301


8am – 5pm Monday – Friday
*Closed on Holidays, Call the Court to confirm

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