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Arizona Attorney General investigated for elections misconduct, will not step down

In case you missed it on Monday the Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery announced that a 14 month investigation revealed that Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, the state’s top law-enforcement official, deliberately broke campaign-finance laws during his 2010 bid for office by coordinating with an independent expenditure committee. Horne has responded that he is not guilty and that he will not step down citing other national politicians under similar circumstances who did not step down from their posts.

Basically when Horne was running for office in 2010 against Felecia Rotellini he gave direct instructions to an independent political group. This is a direct violation of campaign finance laws created to keep unlimited funding from overtaking political races. For Arizona’s top law man to commit this violation is even more stunning. Considering Horne beat the now disbarred Andrew Thomas for the nomination we can only further suspect how questionable Horne’s morals are.

Oh did we mention the hit and run?

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