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Mesa DUI Lawyer: Aggressive DUI Defense

Mesa City Court

Mesa City Court

Have you been suspected or charged with DUI in Mesa, AZ? Anyone arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Mesa, AZ, can expect a significant punishment, regardless of the level of the offense. Individuals convicted of a first charge for driving under the influence will receive a substantial fine, along with required compliance with any subsequent court orders. This includes all associated service fees for ordered participation. Arizona has adopted a layered approach to punishment for driving under the influence. If you have another criminal matter than DUI, click here for information about criminal defense lawyers in Mesa.

Mesa, AZ DUI/DWI Defense

Arizona has enhanced intoxicated driving penalties in the past two decades, and they now take this charge very seriously because it occurs all too often. The states are clearly focused on making the highways safer for all citizens. Though the states have restricted the ability of the court to adjust the charges, an experienced Mesa DUI/DWI lawyer can still present a strong DUI defense and help minimize any personal and professional damage that could occur as a result of the charge. The State of Arizona has set the blood alcohol content level for presumption of impairment at .08, with reckless driving being the charge for lesser levels of blood alcohol content.

Arizona statute mandates a ten-day minimum sentence for anyone convicted that does not complete an alcoholic driver education program, including first offenders. Completion of the program can result in suspension of nine incarceration days. However, each case is different and this can depend on mitigating circumstances, such as excessive blood alcohol content levels. Even a simple first conviction for impaired driving can be problematic when the defendant cannot comply with court requirements. An experienced Mesa DUI defense lawyer can help ensure that the defendant is being offered the standard punishments for typical cases and negotiate for as much incarceration suspension as possible. David Cantor and his team have over 1,600 documented DUI wins in Arizona. If you want to beat a DUI in Mesa, it’s imperative that you find the best DUI defense that you can afford. Let’s be honest, you’re future depends on it!

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About the Mesa City Court:

The Mesa, Arizona, City Municipal Court is led by Presiding City Magistrate J. Matias and appointed Commissioner Richard Garcia. The Commissioner handles all civil traffic offenses. The remainder of court operations is provided by a team of judges. The court consists of six judges, including Judge Robin Allen, Judge Valerye Boyer-Wells, and Judge Michelle Lue Sang. The remaining members of the municipal court system are Judge Victor Ortiz, Judge Karl Eppich, and Judge Elizabeth Arriola.

Location and Hours of the Mesa City Court:

Address of the Mesa City Court:

Mesa Municipal Court
250 E. 1st Avenue
Mesa, Arizona 85210
Bus 480-644-2255
Fax 480-644-2927

Hours of the Mesa City Court:

The Court is currently Open Monday – Thursday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM except holidays.

It is important for anyone facing a conviction for driving under the influence to seriously consider hiring an effective DUI defense attorney. Having a DUI attorney who knows the judges and has experience in the Mesa, AZ City Court will provide you the best possible opportunity to resolve your case quickly. The penalties for a first conviction are still significant, and an initial charge is possibly the most important to fight because it sets the stage for any subsequent charges. An intoxicated driving charge based on borderline blood alcohol content levels can be negotiated much easier than a second or third offense, depending on the circumstances. It is not a state requirement for the courts to adopt a policy of minimum standards for driving under the influence.

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