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Child Pornography Cases and Computer Forensics

Today David Michael Cantor, a Sex Crime Defense Lawyer, based in Phoenix, AZ, discusses Child Pornography Cases and Computer Forensics.

As David mentioned in last years video post about Limewire closing down, more people are finding themselves on the wrong end of the law because of various file sharing programs. Almost immediately after Limewire closed the network was shifted over to Frostwire allowing people to continue to download files from other users computers easily and with unforeseen dangers. As David explains again, but in more detail in this video, when you download files from other peoples computers it is very easy to unknowingly download child pornography and other files that can result in decades of prison time.

In this video David goes into further technical detail about how various files end up on your computer. Even when you delete a file from your computer there can still be parts of the file on your computer that can be used as evidence against you.

If you do find yourself or someone you know in trouble for this type of activity it is important that you get competent and experienced legal representation. It is also critical that a computer forensics expert be involved as well.

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AZ Legislature shows lack of Legal Knowledge: Return of the Birther Bill

Today David Michael Cantor, an Arizona DUI Lawyer, discusses the recent return of the “Birther Bill“ to the Arizona Legislature. As David points out a similar bill was introduced last year only to be defeated before reaching the floor. This time State Rep. Judy Burges has introduced a bill requiring the “long form birth certificate” be submitted in order for presidential candidates to be listed on the state ballot. This bill looks likely to pass and be signed by Republican Governor Jan Brewer making Arizona the first state to require such documentation.

It is not a secret that this is part of a larger effort to deny President Obama the ability to even run for re-election in 2012. Part of the ‘birther’ movement bills like the one recently submitted to Arizona are also catching momentum in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Montana, Georgia and Texas. Supporters of the bill feel that President Obama should not be allowed the Presidential position because he was not born in the USA.

One problem with this law from a legal perspective is that it only applies to the state that passes it. Since the Presidential election is a federal election the state law will have no effect. David points this out and cites multiple sources agreeing that this is another form of political grandstanding and wasted effort.

Of course this is all David’s opinion, please be sure to let us know what you think.

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