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Testimonial by: Mr. J

Mr. J hired Cantor Law Group to file a Petition for Dissolution against his wife (Mrs. J). At the very beginning of the action, Mrs. J filed an Emergency Motion with the court to allow her to relocate to Florida with the parties’ two young children. The evidentiary hearing regarding Mrs. J’s request to relocate to Florida was scheduled during a period of time that Ms. Lukacsik would be out of the country, and another member of the Cantor Law Group team, Attorney Alyson Foster, stepped in to cover the hearing on Ms. Lukacsik’s behalf.

At the time of the hearing, Mrs. J asked not only that she be permitted to move the children over 2000 miles from Mr. J, but she also asked that Mr. J pay her spousal maintenance and child support, that he pay her attorney fees in the matter and that he pay 100% of the travel costs for his visitation with the children in Florida. After the hearing, the Judge ruled in Mr. J’s favor, denying Mrs. J’s request to relocate the children to Florida and designating Mr. J as the primary residential parent for the children with Mrs. J receiving parenting time only during the children’s school breaks.

Additionally, the assigned Judge denied Mrs. J’s requests for spousal maintenance, child support and attorney fees and did not find it appropriate for Mr. J to pay all of the travel costs since Mrs. J was the party who decided to leave the state of Arizona. This was a victory for Mr. J, but most importantly, a prime example of the teamwork and abilities of each attorney in this firm to step in and assist one another in the successful advocacy required by such a complex and adversarial case.

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