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Pinal Deputy Louie Puroll on Administrative Leave after Comments

Today David M Cantor Arizona criminal lawyer talks about Pinal Deputy Louie Puroll and his ongoing shootout story from April of 2010. Now it has been reported that Puroll states to have been in much tougher gunfights, solicited by the cartels, and that one of his ‘friends’ offered to murder a reporter who wrote a story about him. Unfortunately Deputy Puroll forgot to mention these claims to his supervisors as an officer of the law should be expected to do. Due to this Puroll has been placed on Administrative leave as these claims are investigated.
To add insult to injury these new comments put a dark cloud over Puroll’s April shootout in the desert which had been cleared up. That shootout occurred while Arizona was debating its own immigration law SB1070 which has proven to be very controversial.

What can we believe that comes out of his mouth?

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