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Hot to Spot a Good Assault Defense Lawyer in Arizona

A good assault defense lawyer in Arizona can make all the difference in winning your case. Knowing how to choose the right defense team and use them to their fullest potential can make or break your case. What should you look for in an assault defense lawyer?

When to investigate
Knowing the best time to investigate can be just as important as the investigation itself. A good assault defense lawyer realizes that the best time conduct investigations is always pretrial. It is unlikely you’ll be able to present new facts as evidence during post conviction proceedings. Although new evidence can sometimes be accepted, this only happens in the rarest of cases.

It is very difficult to obtain relief when an investigation is not undertaken by an assault defense lawyer until post conviction. Even in cases where exceptional evidence of innocence is uncovered, it is not uncommon for the court to refuse to grant relief.

When an assault defense lawyer in Arizona launches a comprehensive investigation at the pretrial stage, all evidence can be presented to the jury to evaluate. This puts pressure on the prosecution during the initial trial, as jurors must return a verdict for the defense if they have reasonable doubts. After conviction, the court essentially turns against the individual, as he has already been proven guilty and innocence is no longer an issue of debate. They must prove their innocence in the narrow confines of the legal system.

Pretrial presents the best opportunities for freedom. The pretrial investigation plays a critical role in establishing a good defense that can lead to an innocent verdict.

The personality of the defense
While there are assault defense lawyers that can handle a wide range of legal scenarios, generally they tend to specialize in the particular line of questioning that they are good at. If your case involves questioning recalcitrant witnesses, an investigator that works well with people is essential. A non-threatening open conversation is the best way to engage information, putting the witness as ease so that they may feel free to share their point of view.

Often, it’s the safe comfortable approach that can elicit the information you need from a witness. The personality of an assault defense lawyer helps to set the tone.

Importance of strong organizational skills and knowledge of the law
A valuable assault lawyer not only finds and interviews other witnesses, acting as a fact finder, but also provides a detailed comprehensive review of the case as well as brainstorms defense strategies. He or she should have the legal savvy and talent to become an active participant in strategy meetings, becoming an active and integral component of the defense team. Strategy as it applies to law is what we’re talking about here. A good lawyer can apply knowledge of the law in a clear case strategy that works for the best outcome of his or her client.

The best assault defense lawyer in Arizona is friendly enough to put the court and witnesses at ease, organized and knowledgeable in the application of law to develop a legal strategy, and have the versatility to pull the plan off. Look for these qualities in your search for legal advice.

About the Author
David Michael Cantor is an AV rated (the highest possible rating) lawyer and a Certified Criminal Law Specialist per the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization. For more information about an Arizona assault defense lawyer, visit our site.

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