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Gun Laws

Tucson Shooting Case Update: Laughner back in Tucson

David Michael Cantor, an Phoenix Arizona Criminal Attorney, talks about the recent change of venue for the Tucson Shooting case involving U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz.. Previously the case had been moved to Phoenix after federal judges had recused themselves from the case because fellow Judge John M. Roll was one of the murder victims. Both the prosecutors and the defense agreed to this move so that witnesses would not have to travel as much.

David points out that while he respects Judy Clarke, the defense attorney assigned to the case by the feds, he thinks that this move is a bad one for the defense. Moving the case back to Tucson reopens the mob mentality issue where a judge might feel less likely to accept defense arguments in favor of pleasing the courtroom crowd.

Mrs. Clarke has held onto the option to have the case moved again at a later date, which may be the best thing to do if she wants a get a fair trial for her client. Of course this is what David thinks, let us know what you think.

Laws for Guns on Campus get limelight following Gifford’s shooting

Today David Michael Cantor, a Phoenix Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer, talks about current legislation being proposed in the Arizona state legislature that would allow teachers and students the ability to carry a gun on campus. David discusses the various implications of gun laws like this and uses an example from the recent tragic shooting in Tucson involving Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. From confusion with law enforcement to constant reporting of suspicious behavior David outlines why he feels these laws are not productive and invites your discussion.

The bills were filed in December by Rep. Jack Harper, R-Surprise. HB 2001 would allow faculty to carry concealed firearms with a concealed weapons permit while HB 2014 lets anybody with a permit be armed on campuses.

Multiple law enforcement officials have voiced concern with allowing concealed weapons to be carried by teachers and students on campus. One concern is that if there is an incident and multiple people have their weapons pulled how will officers know who the bad guy is? In a gun fight timing is of the essence and officers have to make fast decisions. How many more victims will result from false identification and friendly fire?

This is one example that actually played out recently when Jared Loughner shot Congresswoman Giffords and 18 others in Tucson, AZ. Joe Zamudio, a bystander who heard the shots and had his pistol on him, ran towards the scene and threatened to pull his gun on a man with a gun. It turned out that the other man had just disarmed and apprehended Loughner. Joe later admitted on TV that he “almost shot the wrong guy“.

In another concern David M Cantor points out a more likely situation where campus police will be inundated with reports of suspicious looking people carrying guns around. We are talking about college campuses, where people tend to dress and act suspiciously because that’s what college is for.

In the end David concludes that any laws allowing concealed weapons on a college campus just don’t make sense. Then again that is his opinion, what do you think?

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