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Cleaning up Thomas’ Mess: Rose Wilcox Case Dismissed

Today David Michael Cantor, a Phoenix Arizona Criminal Attorney, discusses the recent decision by Gila County Attorney Daisy Flores that the case against Mary Rose Wilcox has no basis in reality. Stating “the utter lack of motive or evidence of any unlawful economic or political benefit from the financial disclosure omissions, a reasonable juror would conclude that these omissions were an oversight, rather than conduct knowingly perpetrated to deceive the public” Flores decided not to pursue a case that was handed to her by Andrew Thomas in March of 2010.

As David points out this is yet another chapter in Andrew Thomas’ flawed and messy run as Maricopa County Attorney. He is the one who originally brought these charges up on Wilcox at the behest of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arapaio and was always viewed as an abuse of power. Thomas went after Wilcox for political reasons and tried to create a case against her using ‘tips’ and weak arguments.

At least we are seeing another sign that Arizona is sobering up and coming to its senses in some areas. What do you think?

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