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Arizona Lawmakers consider ‘Casey Anthony’ bill, again

Its like 2012 is happening again in the Arizona state government. As in 2012 another bill making it a crime if a parent fails to notify the police if a child under the age of 6 goes missing for more than 24 hours. This legislation, proposed by Rep. Michelle Ugenti, R-Scottsdale, has appeared in many states in the US since the Casey Anthony case where the mother failed to notify the police of her missing daughter until 31 days after the infants death.

The good news is that the legislature is not proposing this law because of a one off offense:
‘I don’t know how isolated it is,’ Ugenti said. – Well at least she admits to not doing any research on it besides watching Nancy Grace…

Whats crazier is learning why it didn’t pass the senate last year after passing the house without issue. Turns out that AG Tom Horne wanted to add some language to the bill which made the Colorado City police force no longer exist. This then lead the representatives from that area to kill the bill.

Horne has promised to add the same language to this years bill which means the legislative tango will go on for another 12 months…

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