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2013 Labor Day DUI Task Force

David Cantor explains what to do if pulled over for DUI this Labor Day Weekend:

“What to do if pulled over for DUI this Labor Day Weekend?”

Labor Day is coming up this Monday September 2nd 2013 and like always, DUI task forces will be out looking for impaired drivers starting Friday August 30th. The East Valley Task Force is most famous in the nation for their tactics on catching impaired drivers. They will saturate various areas and they’ll pull anybody over who commits any minor traffic violation or “allegedly” commits any minor traffic violation. They will go over the whole ordeal of putting the drivers through field sobriety test, breath test and even blood test if they take the driver into the police station.

Last Labor Day there were over about 1,000 alcohol related arrests in the Phoenix Metropolitan area alone; please be careful this weekend. If you are going out this Labor Day weekend, enjoy yourself, have a good time but if you have had a few drinks, please rely on a designated driver or a cab to take you home.  If you are at the lake and on a boat, this very much applies to the person who is driving the boat. You can get a Boating DUI; it’s called Operating Under the Influence (OUI) while boating.

If you have been drinking and you get pulled over, do not think you will be fine because you’ve just had “a few beers”, say “Officer, I am not going to answer any questions or do any test until I talk to my lawyer.” You are simply requesting counsel from a lawyer which is fine because you haven’t lied and you haven’t confessed. However, you do need a lawyer to call so put our number in your phone right now, 602-307-0808, that’s our 24/7 line and we will get right to you and help you out.

So remember, if you do get pulled over this weekend, even if you think you’re okay to drive, do not answer any questions or do any tests, call us. You can also reach us by filling out a secure and confidential email form here.

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